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Japanese Patisserie

London's best Matcha Mille Crepe, Sakurado Japanese restaurant Kensington prepares fresh, healthy, tasty creations Inspired by the finest Japanese ingredients. Sakurado is an authentic Japanese restaurant in the heart of Kensington. Famous for its signature Japanese Patisserie, Sakurado serves London’s best Matcha Mille Crêpes, inspired by flavours of Japan. The restaurant has been a labour of love, using the finest Japanese ingredients and classic recipes from France and Italy, creating the very best of East meets West. Our handmade Mille Crêpes feature at least 30 mouthwatering layers of buttery French Crêpes and delicate pastry cream, topped with fresh ingredients. You can choose from Japanese inspired flavours such as Matcha green tea or black sesame or indulge in the classic flavours of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. We also serve High Tea and a range of Kenko salads, Genki drinks and Sake, enjoyed at our Sake Lounge in Kensington or for delivery. Irasshaimase!


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