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POOCH SPRAY | Grooming Spray

50ml with Pump

POOCH SPRAY - Calming and Freshening

This hand-blended mix of TOXIN FREE, Dog friendly Essential Oils creates a calming scent that dogs truly love! It really does help to banish anxiety that your pet may be having, for example on a trip to the vets!

Our Pooch spray has an uplifting citrusy scent with woodsy Cedarwood this Mist works wonders on clearing all sorts of Doggy smells & creates a relaxing atmosphere for your pet.

Can be used to:

- DETOX your car

- Clear the air around your dogs sleeping area

- Spray to calm your dog before a Vet visit

- Freshen up between 'Pooch Parlour' appointments

- Cover up Fox Poo smells & wet dog smells & more when you are out and about!

No harmful ingredients, asthma irritating synthetics or toxic chemicals.

Just pure, good for you, mood enhancing essential oils!

Our Pooch Spray forms part of our Dog Grooming Collection.

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